Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Halo 2

Now, how many f you like Halo 2. A lot, huh? Well i am a huge fan. i play it every day. I am the king at this game. That is right, any one else how palys, i dont know yet, but if ou paly me, i will BEAT YOU DOWN!!!!! If you ar a big fan of Halo 2 like me, please leave a comment. Sorry people who dont have a X-box. It is for X-box only. By the way, they are coming out with a Halo 3.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Do Jellyfish Have Brains,Hearts or any Organs???

Well the ansear to this my fello Bloggers in,no. They dont have a heart,brain or any oter organs. Now you might be ask "if they don't have a brain how do they swim or eat or anything?' Well no one knows. All we know is that they don't have brains.(must be complet idiots!!!)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Flying cows, questions and answers

Q. What are they??
A. A species of cow with 2 wings and can fly.

Q. Do they have spots??
A. Yes, like any other cow.

Q. Do they give milk???
A. No,if they gave milk in the sky it would drop on people's heads.

Q.Is there such things as a Vampire Cow??
A. Hmmmmm, What is that??? No,its a vampire cow!!!!!!!! It's attacking!!!! No,it bit me. Mooooo

My Weird Life

My every day life starts with my brekfast. The contains rocks, dirty underware, radioactive slime and a nice tall glass of smushed up fish eyeballs. Next I go to school. During school I have yoga class, sky diving class, flantolagito]shfajnf.c class and extrene dodge ball. When I come home I go vist my friends on planet Nergatonua by traveling to another dimention thorugh a entergalatic worm hole. Next I go t bed with another class of fish eyeballs. THAN IT STARTS ALL OVER AGAIN!