Monday, November 07, 2005

Do Jellyfish Have Brains,Hearts or any Organs???

Well the ansear to this my fello Bloggers in,no. They dont have a heart,brain or any oter organs. Now you might be ask "if they don't have a brain how do they swim or eat or anything?' Well no one knows. All we know is that they don't have brains.(must be complet idiots!!!)


Blogger Reid said...

You must be a complete idiot. I don't know in what year this was posted, but Jellyfish function on an elementary nervous system, sort of a nerve net. Although they cannot control where they move, and generally just go with the currents of the ocean, they can propell themselves by filling their stomachs with water and pushing it out through their mouths. Jellyfish do have organs, such as the stomach, that basically take in small fish and microbial organisms, break them down, and spit out the bones. Since the only opening into their bodies is their mouth, this is also where they release their waste.

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